Visit to the plant of the members of COSE, PEFC Spain and the XERA

Taking advantage of the attendance at the Asturforesta International Forestry Fair (held in Tineo) of all the members of the Confederation of Forestry Organizations of Spain, last Thursday 20th they approached the BFC plant to learn about the experimental piltoto plant that we have Developed under the framework of the LIFE project.
They could know it, as well as know how it works and see the production of biochar. This meeting was also used to assess the alternatives for its use, the married couples of each of the attendees.
In addition, along with them, they have also seen representatives of PEFC Spain who have a lot of interest in it. In addition to this visit, the representatives of the Galician Forest Industry Agency, who also moved to a Tineo to visit the fair, did not want to miss it anyway.
To all the subjects a great project and other great possibilities that this plant has. That is why we have been at your disposal for what may be necessary in this regard.
The 20 people who participated, as well as their procedure in the labor sense, were the following:

  1. Francisco Carreño Sandoval. Asociación Forestal de Murcia
  2. Amador Cañizares de Fez. Asociación Forestal Comunidad Valenciana
  3. Santiago Chiva Clemente. Asociación Forestal Comunidad Valenciana
  4. Francisco Fernández de Ana Magán. Asociación Forestal de Galicia
  5. Francisco Dans del Valle. Asociación Forestal de Galicia
  6. Fernando Otazua Mendizabal. Asociación Forestal del País Vasco
  7. Paco Blanco Romero. Asociación Forestal de Andalucía
  8. Juan Manuel Miranda. Comunicación COSE
  9. Olga González Raposo. Asociación Forestal Castilla y León
  10. Jesús Pestaña Fernández de Araoz. Asociación Forestal Castilla y León
  11. Juan Miguel Villarroel. Asociación Forestal de Navarra
  12. Joan Rovira Ciuró. Consorci Forestal Catalan
  13. Patricia Gómez Agrela. Confederación Selvicultores de España
  14. Félix Manuel López Cuervo. Asociación Propietarios Forestales de Asturias.
  15. Iván Castaño Fernandez. Asociación Propietarios Forestales de Asturias.
  16. Montserrat Rodríguez Ogea. Axencia Galega da Industria Forestal (XERA)
  17. Isabel Puentes Berdasco. Axencia Galega da Industria Forestal (XERA)
  18. Arantza Pérez Oleaga. PEFC España
  19. Pablo Narváez. PEFC España
  20. Ana Belén Noriega. PEFC España

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