Ingeniería y Manutención Asturiana, S.A.

Today TSK is an international integrated Group and a leader in development of turnkey projects in the fields of energy, environment and industry with references in more than thirty-five countries. Whit strong financial capacity to execute EPC contracts, INGEMAS has own technologies of acknowledge prestige in sectors with great potential of international level, such as as: Biodiesel and bioethanol, cogeneration, waste energy generation, and special fuel oils, steel processes, handling, industrial water treatments, gas treatement, industrial processes, special structures, solid urban waste treatment, wind energy, thermal solar energy, and photovoltaic solar energy.

With proven technical capacity in different areas, highly qualified personnel and proven experience in operation and maintenance of industrial plants, Ingemas is pleased to coordinate and actively participate in the development of the Life Eucalyptus Energy Project.

Project managers:
Lucía Hernández //
Pablo Álvarez //

Technology Centre

CARTIF is a horizontal research centre which covers a wide range of scientific disciplines, which enable us to provide companies with integral solutions. CARTIF develops R&D&I projects in five areas of knowledge that correspond to different economic and technological sectors: industry, energy and environment, construction and infrastructures, agrofood and health. Our interdisciplinary teams carry out over 100 R&D per year. CARTIF activity has an important international dimension: Currently, CARTIF is the coordinator of 15 R&D european projects (LIFE+ and FP7).

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Project Managers:
Ana Urueña //
David Díez //

Asociación Asturiana de Empresarios Forestales y de la Madera

ASMADERA is an organization with thirty years of experience in management, defense and coordination of business interests in forestry, first processing industry and wood marketing of Asturias

Project Manager:
Rebeca Fernández //